570-632 A.D
Ali is assinated
661 A.D
Abu-Bakr became the first caliph
632-634 A.D
Abbasids take control
750 A.D
661-762 A.D
Allkhwarizmi born in late
7005 A.D
Rightly guided caliphs
632 A.D
external image ProphetMuhammad_24562.jpgMuhammad: Muhammad was born into rich Mecca family. He became an orphan when he was 6, but his grandfather and his uncle took him in and raised him. He didn't go to school a lot and beginning in trade as a young man When he turned 25 he became a trader and business manger. Later Muhammad married Khadijiah and it was a healthy marriage and a good partnership.
external image 3dca22b02ff243d98caadaf1a98f2c05_1M.pngAli was assinated: The governor of Syriakilled Ali by violence.
external image pic019.jpgAbu-Bakr: He has a lot of thinking to do because he had to strategiese how he is going to expand Islam.
external image 350px-Harun-Charlemagne.jpgAbbasids: They first murdered most members of the Ummayad family and took control. They then moved the capital to Baghdad and developed government.
external image 280px-Dome_of_the_Rock1.jpgUmayyad: He moved the capital to Damascus, to help control the empire more. He also helped people become more wealthy.
external image alkhwarizmi.jpgAllkhwarizmi: He was a mathematic from Islam and was the first to figure out that you use zero as a placeholder in base notation. The word algorithm comes from his name.
external image caliph.jpgRightly guided caliphs: This is made from the Qur'an and Muhammad's impact as guides to leadership.