Two achievements

Islamic astronomy is also known as Arabic astronomy. Astronomy helped Muslims in a lot of ways.
external image 220px-Spherical_astrolabe_2.jpg
Astronomy helped decide three out of the five pillars.The three pillars that where developed by
astronomy are fasting during Ramadan, performing the hajj,and praying toward Mecca.
When they studied the sky it helped people that worship Mecca pray in external image 32010228.jpg
the right direction to him. On of the first instruments was the astrolabe. This had a plate and a rate.
The plate was the map of the sky and the rate performed the movement of the earth in relation
to the sky each day. The astrolabe was kinda like a compass to Mecca people because it helped them figure
out where they were in relationship to Mecca.

Muslim art is based on Islamic Religion.They are not allowed to have pictures of people
or animals because of the fear of worshipping of idols.Muslims believe that Allah who is the
creator of everything so they don't worship any other living thing.


Calligraphy is beautiful writing and a way of expressing their faith through art.Sayings from their Holy
Book' the Qur'an and they would paint them on walls and also on some of their designs.

Mosques are mainly used for praying.They are also used to show how tall they are
and their different kind of shapes.Also is a very different kind of architecture because
of the shape.

Some are very smooth and colorful and were made a very long time ago to show
that they had good meaning to them.Also were very special with the designs that they
had on them such as floral and geometric.

Muslim art usually never has pictures of people or animals.This is because the people don't want other people
to worship that person that is in the painting because they already have a God Allah.
Muslim art usually never has pictures of people or animals but that is wrong because there are several
paintings with pictures of people and animals in them.Muslims had always believed that the paintings had special
meaning to them. As artists started painting more they learned more complicated ways to do art.Instead of having
laws of nature they have laws of geometry and the art usually focuses on geometric patterns.Other paintings are just
being based on cool patterns.Sometimes people say that these paintings are religious.Other people were scared that people would soon
rely on art and care about anything else.Muslims also had sculptures called had Arabesques that confused people whenever they saw it.
This really shows how art was a huge part of the empire.